Hear it from our customers own mouth. 

SEB: Case Study

SEB Bank created an accelerator program for employees to build innovations that can be implemented in the business, while increasing the digital mindset & skillset within the organisation. 

Key Outcomes:
3000+ employees with 45 qualified teams
23% implementation rate in the business,
2 investments made by SEB VC in fintechs found through the lab 

Stronghold: Case Study

Stronghold runs customer co-creation to  get closer to their key strategic customers by piloting new innovative business models & tech solutions. In parallel, established a CVC unit and a venturing unit run jointly to invest and build in ventures that they can scale 

Key Outcomes:
18+ pilots with 20+ customers, 4 countries.
9+ Venture Investments

1 New Venture  


Codeable: Case Study

A scale up working within Wordpress, with global ambitions from Denmark, Codeable worked with our coaching sprints to help 2x their revenue, create structures for the organisation and leadership to scale


Key Outcomes:
22 employees, 2x top line growth, 12 countries. 

More kind words from our partners and clients

Nicholas Johansson Kognity

Mahesh and Result helped opened our minds and managed us to think bigger and more open. That has helped us a lot when growing our business!

- Nicholas Johansson, Co-founder Kognity

Dennis Forchhammer Happy Helper

The work with Result has given us so much clarity as we scale from a Danish publicly listed scale up to a serious EU player

- Dennis Forschammer, CEO Happy Helper 

Simo Salmensuu Miradore

Fresh honest perspectives, time to do things that I know are important in a structured approach, exactly what we needed. 

- Simo Salmensuu, CEO Miradore 

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Intrapreneurs Accelerator to create fintech services of tomorrow

Helped unleash a culture of intrapreneurship, increase clock-speed and better prioritisation of their roadmap and launch new innovations.


The journey kicks off at an open Innovation Day followed by team formations and pitch to the jury. Teams selected get 6 weeks, 10-20% of their time and go through an intense program with us to test and launch their idea. Selected teams get 6 more weeks to refine further and integrate in the line organisation or spin out. 


Up & Running since 2015
3000+ employees 
23% implementation rate
2 investments by CVC 


"The lab has catalysed our culture of intrapreneurship to launch new products and services at high speed, in our quest to be more customer centric" - Mart Maasik, SEB Innovation Lab Director 

Startup Accelerator in Sweden

We are part of the Google for Startups global network since 2015, where handpicked companies get coaching, curated introductions to corporates and investors and space within Epicenter to work out of for a fixed period of time. We also run fireside chats, founder sessions, demo days and more to help companies grow faster. 


Over 2000 applications, 40+ ventures, 150M€+ in total funding raised, 8 exits, 1 Time Invention of the Year 

Strategy Blueprint and Accelerator within smart home and connectivity 
  1. Helped Telenor create building blocks of their smart home strategy and focus. 
  2. Helped find partnerships with startups within 4 identified strategic sectors and run pilots to be scaled or invested from their CVC 
  3. Ran an intrapreneurs accelerator for employees to build prototypes and pitch their ideas to the management. 1 was implemented 12 weeks later. 40+ people started working with more agile toolkits in their daily job which pushed their regular projects at higher speed.
  4. Helped create a more intrapreneurial mindset within their management and leadership teams to support more digital initiatives 
Startup Pilots and New Venture within Wind Division

1. Helped customer and service business unit make go/no go decision on 2 internal ventures 

2. Created partnership and pilot programs within AI and energy as a service, met 12 hand picked global startups, ran pilots and integrated solutions into their core business 

3. Building 1 new venture jointly 

4. Helped set up new corporate venturing models, incentive structures and steering mandates to balance the traditional and the modern. 


Innovation and Venture Building within Proptech


Customer labs to run pilots on key business challenges

Brought key strategic customers from the Nordic region to run pilots on business challenges. Over 50+ tech disruptors met over 20+ customers, with 18+ pilots run with key customers to differentiate, test new business models and build the perception of being a digital partner.


Intrapreneurs Accelerator for employees to solve business challenges

Intrapreneurs accelerator ran for 2 years, with one-day, four-week and six-week programs. 250+ employees trained with new toolkits to build MVPs and move away from “waterfall” way of working. Resulted in faster execution of digital projects and career development for employees whose digital skills would not have surfaced otherwise.


Launched Nordic Prop-tech initiative

Ran 2 big events with Nordic Prop-tech initiative, attracting over 400 companies (both established and new) making it the largest Nordic prop tech community for established players and new entrants.


Venture Building and Investment 

Clearer governance and steering committees to have mandates, budgets and resources allocated for new venture building and investments. Investment mandate of 10M€ to invest in tomorrow’s stars within prop-tech that could benefit the group, resulting in 9 investments made. 1 new venture being built jointly. 

Venture Building to reinvent the city center 

From our innovation lab, we identified the future of office theme as a venture building opportunity jointly.


Co-created Epicenter with AMF. 

Tested a new business model innovation to change their leasing model in buildings from fixed to dynamic short term contracts. Piloted the concept with Epicenter in a 8.000 sq.m building that was over-subscribed within 6 weeks, until a bigger building of 30.000 sq.m was acquired to scale the Epicenter concept. Epicenter results in higher yield than the traditional rental model. 


Building an innovative workspace

Worked with our innovation lab methods to create a “future office” concept and validate the idea of “urban escape”, resulting in permits, licenses and other regulatory hindrances being cleared to revitalise the whole Stockholm city center district. Attracted future tenants with focus on digital scale ups and corporate leaders who want to drive digital innovation (over 50, including Spotify, Google, global/local tech companies). 

Startup Pilots to extend the pill 

Focus on finding new business model innovations within health division in Merck. 


1) Identified key business challenges across different franchises (fertility, neurology, endocrinology…).

2) Defined 20+ business challenges through deep interviews with both patient groups and internal Merck business units.

3) Scouted for external innovations on to integrate back into the line organisation

4) Run pilots with key hand picked partners

5)  Set clear governance models